Recruiting Benefits


We have over 50 years of coaching experience at the college level within our coaching staff in addition to experience at the high school level both teaching and coaching, AND our college placement has the track record to prove it!   Our coaches have coached across multiple divisions, and our coaches have played at the national level; we know many coaches and have connections with many collegiate programs!


We  are available to meet individually with each and every Stampede Lax player and her family about her college recruiting process at no additional cost. We are invested in your recruiting process as student-athlete and want to help you find the RIGHT FIT to continue your lacrosse career at the NEXT LEVEL! We are happy to help you generate your college list, suggest programs based off of your academic profile and athletic ability and answer any questions that you and your family may have about the recruiting process.


Prior to the start of the summer season, we will offer a recruiting seminar for all Stampede Lax Teams. This meeting will serve to inform and educate both players and parents on the state of college recruiting across Division I, II, and III as well as to answer any questions that players and families may have. Our knowledge of the current state of recruiting, NCAA Recruiting and Eligibility  rules, and the timeline for the college recruiting process is UNPARALLELED in WNY. It’s crucial for players to understand the NEW recruiting calendar, the difference between Division I, II and III, and how to get yourself on a college coach’s radar.


We believe in finding the RIGHT FIT and giving honest feedback when it comes to your skill level and  recruiting options. Not every Stampede Lax player will play at the Division I level, but we do believe that there is a program that is the RIGHT FIT for you!  During the recruiting process, we will be open and honest about where we see your athletic ability and skills best fitting a collegiate program whether it be Division I, II, III, NAIA or Club.


Every Stampede Lax player has the option of using Wendy or her Stampede Lax Coach as their coaching reference/coach contact when emailing or communicating with coaches. We will reply to and pass along messages promptly!